Who Needs An In-Home Psychiatrist?

New York City delivers almost anything to your door. So, why not have your psychiatric mental healthcare delivered too? The services of an In-Home Psychiatrist are intended to meet the patient right at their level of need. Many people avoid psychiatric care because of perceived stigmas or judgment of what other people might think. While you may have a psychiatric condition you also have the good sense and insight to seek care for that condition. Now, who is mentally unstable?

What common conditions can an in-home psychiatrist treat?

Depression, Anxiety, Adult ADHD, Mood Disturbances, Sleeping Difficulties (insomnia), Sexuality and Identity Issues, Stress Management, Substance Abuse now known as substance use disorders, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Medical, and Health Concerns (mind body-related conditions like psychosomatic illness), Geriatric issues (dementia, delirium) Grief and Loss, Work and Career Issues, Young Adult issues, adolescent addiction, Relationship Issues, Conflict Resolution, Trauma and PTSD

How to treat psychiatric mental health problems

  The first step in any treatment is a Psychiatric Evaluation & Consultation. Your In-Home Psychiatrist will conduct this during the visit. The doctor will identify and diagnose at this time. Then come up with a treatment plan. This process may take several visits depending on the complexity of the situation. Oftentimes Medication Management in combination with Psychotherapy is indicated. Sometimes you may need an intensive short-term Crisis Intervention or simply a Wellness & Safety Check.  The work of psychiatry is often most effective when it can be done in a context that the patient is living in which may require Care Coordination with Specialists or a referral for a home Detox might be necessary. Long-term injectable medication is an option to ensure patient compliance, once the patient is stable. This keeps the patient out of the hospital.

Be proactive

 You also do not have to have a problem using the benefits of a psychiatric house call, you may want to be proactive and enhance your performance in your job.  Performance coaching is aimed at helping you become aware of your strengths and weaknesses in real-time so that you are making decisions based on real information rather than emotional reactivity. Performance coaching aims to help you clearly distinguish between what you think and what you feel.   

About Metro Medical Direct

Dr. Raymond Zakhari is board certified as a family nurse practitioner and Adult- Adolescent & Child psychiatric nurse practitioner, he can diagnose and treat medical and psychiatric conditions, and prescribe medications including suboxone, and all therapeutic services and referrals to specialists. All services are provided in the form of medical house calls in Manhattan.

The visit begins with a comprehensive history and physical exam, and necessary diagnostic tests to evaluate risk. Medical House Calls and Psychiatric House Calls are available in Manhattan with evening and weekend appointment times. Out of network for all insurance, opted out of Medicare allowing for maximum discretion. 
Dr. Zakhari is board certified in family practice and psychiatry and provides medically supervised home detox services and medical house calls in Manhattan. The visit begins with a comprehensive history and physical exam, and necessary diagnostic tests to evaluate risk. The narcotic detox process begins on a chosen day in the comfort of your home or hotel in Manhattan

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