Staying Healthy in the Fast Lane: A Look at Special Health Services for Busy Executives

Executive Physicals and Concierge Primary Care

Manhattan is a lively and exciting place where everyone is always on the move. However, this fast-paced lifestyle can sometimes make it hard for people, especially men over 40, to keep up with their health. It’s like being on a speedy train with no stops! But don’t worry, there are two superhero doctors in town—Executive Physicals and Concierge Primary Care, who are here to help keep these busy bees healthy and buzzing. Let’s dive into the challenges these men face and see how these special doctor services come to the rescue!

The Manhattan Man’s Dilemma

Imagine being in a race with no finish line—that’s what life feels like for many men over 40 living in Manhattan. They are always running—running to catch a taxi, running to make it to meetings, and running to meet deadlines. Amidst all this running, finding time to see a doctor becomes like finding a needle in a haystack. And when they do find the time, the long waits and hurried talks at the doctor’s office make it feel not worth the trouble. In the traditional healthcare model you wait 3-6 months for an appointment that may last 10-15 minutes. If you have any questions afterwards you go through endless waiting on hold and unanswered portal messages.

The usual way of getting medical care seems like trying to fit a big square peg into a tiny round hole—it just doesn’t work. Busy men need a healthcare solution that can match up to their fast-paced lives. They don’t have the luxury to wait in long lines or have a doctor who doesn’t even remember their name and is only offering the standard party line on most issues. It almost feels like you are handed a Web MD leaflet.

What is an Executive Physical Exam and can it help?

This is where Executive Physicals and Concierge Primary Care swing into action. These are not your regular drive by doctor visits; they are like having a medical consigliere who’s there when you need them.

Executive Physicals are like having a thorough health checkup in a comfy, relaxed setting—no rush, no fuss. They take the time to get to know you, your lifestyle, and any health troubles you might have or might face in the future.

Concierge Primary Care, on the other hand, is like having a doctor who is always there for you, almost like a friend. They know you well, are there whenever you need advice, and help plan out a health routine that fits snugly into your busy schedules. Many top hospitals separate these services so the person who you see for your primary care is not the same person who did the executive physical exam.

Staying healthy amidst the skyscrapers and buzzing streets of Manhattan need not be a puzzle anymore. Executive Physicals and Concierge Primary Care at, managed by the friendly Dr. Raymond Zakhari, NP, are here to make health care fit into the puzzle of your life perfectly. In this practice the person that does your executive physical exam can also be your primary care provider. So why wait in long lines and face the rush at regular doctors offices and clinics? Discover a personal health care experience that understands you and your fast-paced life. It’s time to put your health back on the priority list without missing a beat of your busy life. Reach out to and request an appointment—it’s your turn to choose a healthcare routine that races with you!