Men’s Health Executive Physical Exams

Do you really need to get a physical exam, much less an elaborate Executive Physical Exam?

  •  Men are less likely than women to seek medical help and are more likely to postpone medical exams or preventive screenings.
  • Men have a higher mortality rate for most leading causes of death, including heart disease, cancer, and accidents.
  • Men are at a higher risk of developing heart disease at a younger age compared to women.
  • The most common types of cancer affecting men include testicular cancer,  lung cancer, prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, and skin cancer.

What are the benefits of a Men’s Health Executive Physical over the annual exam provided by my doctor?

Most doctors are constrained by insurance-defined annual exams. These exams tend to be minimal and reactive, often following a “don’t ask, don’t tell” followed by a wait and see approach. They prioritize waiting to address issues until they become problems. The tests offered are basic and outdated, merely ticking off boxes for your current health status. Plus, you often spend more time in crowded, uninspiring waiting rooms than with your doctor.
In contrast, a Men’s Health Executive Physical is a proactive, preventive examination focused on planning your long-term well-being. World-class preventive health experts conduct comprehensive, tailored testing. Their aim is early detection and wellness planning to address potential issues before they affect your health. At Metro Medical Direct, you get extensive one-on-one time with medical experts who review your results and discuss them with you. We also provide care coordination, offering preferred and expedited access to follow-ups, if necessary, through our network and alliances.
A Men’s Health Executive Physical includes a comprehensive array of state-of-the-art screening tests without radiation exposure. This executive exam is all about a personalized preventive healthcare experience and longevity planning led by a dedicated Nurse Practitioner. Metro Medical Direct offers exceptional services, including imaging, cardio-pulmonary evaluation, nutritional analysis, and screening tests, with key referrals to in-network providers based on age and risk factors.

Where and how does the Men’s Health Executive Physical occur?

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  1. The process begins with a telehealth consultation and mental health evaluation.
  2. Your fasting blood work is collected in advance at a Quest Lab near you, 1-2 weeks before your executive physical exam.
  3. The exam itself concludes in the comfort of your home or hotel in Manhattan or at our midtown office near Grand Central Station.

How do I schedule a Men’s Health Executive Physical Exam?

  • Scheduling is easy. Simply call, text, or complete our online appointment request form.

Will my doctor receive the results of my Men’s Health Executive Physical Exam?


Yes, we request your physician’s name and contact information when scheduling your Executive Physical exam. Metro Medical Direct will provide your doctor with a copy of your exam results. If you do not have a primary care physician, then you can become a member of the Concierge Men’s Health Program for all of your ongoing primary care needs.

Does Metro Medical Direct help with any follow-up needs after my Executive Physical Exam?

 Absolutely. We have strategic alliances with top hospitals in New York City for specialist follow-up care. Our concierge team will coordinate all follow-up care and specialist referrals, ensuring preferred appointments or arranging visits with your local specialist as needed.


What do you do about false positives detected during the Executive Physical Exam?

All imaging results are reviewed by board-certified radiologists and Nurse Practitioners to provide clinical context for test findings. If anything raises questions, we can determine if it’s a “false” positive or if it requires follow-up evaluation. Since we offer primary care and mental health services, treatment can commence, and we can make appropriate sub-specialist referrals for further evaluation. We follow a collaborative approach that places the patient at the center of care to decide the next course of action.

Can I bring my spouse/partner, family member/ friend to the Executive Physical Exam?

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Yes, you can. They are welcome to attend part or all of the exam or join in at the end to participate in the review with the Nurse Practitioner, offering an additional set of ears on the results.

How far out are you scheduling Executive Physical Exams in New York City?

We schedule appointments about 2-3 weeks in advance. If you’re interested in experiencing the best Men’s Health Executive Physical available, please contact us to schedule now!


What should you wear to an Executive Physical Exam?

We do not do the lovely pink paper gowns. You can wear athletic attire to whatever degree you are most comfortable.