Manhattan’s Premier Men’s Concierge Healthcare Membership

You Invest In the Best—So Why Are You Still Settling For Clearance Rack Healthcare?

Get Convenient, Cutting-Edge Concierge Primary Care In Your Manhattan Home or Office—So You Can Prioritize Your Health Without Sacrificing Your Schedule or Your Sanity.


Convenient, home-based primary care that works with your lifestyle.


100% discreet, private, & confidential at all times.


Elite, individualized medical & behavioral health support.


Exclusive access to premium wellness & healthcare establishments.


Patient-first process that puts your health goals at the forefront.


Holistic mind-body-soul care to support lifelong vitality.

Preventative Healthcare Is Key to Early Detection & Sustaining Your Health For Tomorrow—But That Doesn’t Mean It Has to Interrupt Your Life Today.

At Metro Medical Direct, we believe…

A strong OFFENSIVE healthcare plan beats a Hail Mary DEFENSIVE plan.

Instead of trying to make up for a sloppy first half with (many medications) instead of pharmaceuticals, we take a proactive stance on your health, staving off illness before it has a chance to strike rather than turning you into a perpetual pill popper.

You deserve TOP-SHELF treatment.

You should never have to wait months for an appointment or weeks for your provider to return important calls. We prioritize same-day responses and same-week appointments.

Your PRIVACY matters. 

Your care should be 100% confidential, completed discreetly in the privacy of your home or office.

TRUST saves lives.

Say goodbye to fragmented healthcare. Get to know your primary care provider on a long-term basis & enjoy working with someone who hears and respects you 100% of the time.
Good health means BODY-MIND-SOUL.
Your personalized healthcare plan takes every aspect of your well-being into consideration—physical, mental, emotional, and sexual—so you can be at your best in every area of your life.

Find Out More About Concierge Primary Service.

What’s Inside Your Concierge Health Membership?

12 Months of High Touch, High Tech Primary Care, Designed With the Modern Manhattan Man In Mind.

One-Year of Concierge Care With Dr. Raymond Zakhari

  • Primary care at your fingertips—your provider is never more than a click or a call away.
  • Preferred scheduling—answering your questions and addressing your health concerns is our top priority.
  • Inner circle access—text or call Dr. Zakhari any time you have a question and receive a thoughtful, personalized same-day response. 

Includes the Total Package Annual Physical Exam

  • Begin your year with a clean bill of health and a full rundown on exactly what’s happening ‘under the hood.’ This annual exam will shed light on your current health status and inform your custom care plan for the year.
  • Your first taste of home-based care. We’ll perform your physical exam and ultrasound in the privacy of your home—no waiting rooms or ill fitting pink paper gowns required.
  • Get an in-depth bloodwork panel from a preferred partner within walking distance of your home or office, for minimal interruption and maximum convenience.
  • NO unnecessary scans or x-rays—we minimize your exposure to radiation at every opportunity and only refer out to specialists when it’s absolutely necessary. 

Ongoing Preventive Care Management

  • Personalized monitoring—never Google, “How often do I need X screening” again. Dr. Zakhari will monitor what exams are needed and remind you when it’s time for a check-in.
  • Bi-Annual Physical Checkup—every six months, meet with Dr. Zakhari for an in-depth preventative care skin assessment, and early detection physical exam so you can stay ahead of any potentially worrisome developments. 


Elite Access to Top Manhattan Healthcare Resources

  • Your men’s health concierge medical care membership includes a Destination Membership to Equinox Fitness, with locations in Manhattan and throughout the US—so you can keep up your fitness routine even when you travel.
  • Concierge Emergency Room Access—in the event of a true emergency or serious illness, your membership includes a membership to Sollis Health. Translation: No waiting rooms full of screaming kids and coughing people. Skip the line and get the care you need, with convenience and ease.


of Men Avoid Their Annual Exam Due to Inconvenience

*Cleveland Clinic

1 in 4

Men Die of Heart Disease (Which Can Be Prevented or Treated Through Primary Care)

*Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Men in the US Died From Prostate Cancer in 2021—a Cancer That Is Often Treatable With Early Detection.

*American Cancer Society

Your health is your most precious asset—and you shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to protect it.
Book your complimentary consult today to learn more about how Metro Medical Direct’s Concierge Care Plan makes it easy to fit primary care & preventative screening into even the busiest lifestyles.


You’ll be asked to provide some very basic information—your name, email, and phone number. We don’t collect sensitive health information in our intake forms, because we believe in the importance of patient privacy.


Someone from our team will reach out to you within minutes to schedule your appointment.


During your appointment, you’ll speak 1:1 with Dr. Zakhari. You’ll have opportunities to learn more about concierge healthcare, ask all your questions, and—if joining our concierge care program is the right fit—you’ll begin the process by setting up your first annual exam.

What is a Nurse Practitioner (NP)?

A nurse practitioner is a healthcare provider who offers patient-centered, relationship-based medical and nursing care in a variety of specialties..

Just like a physician (DO/MD), an NP is able to diagnose medical conditions, order and interpret tests, write prescriptions, and make referrals to specialists as needed. However, a Nurse Practitioner specifically focuses on getting to know you in a more personal and in-depth context than most physicians in a traditional setting are able to.

As your NP, Dr. Zakhari will spend time getting to know you 1:1, answer your health questions with thoughtful, personalized responses, and support you as a true preventative healthcare partner.

Providing comprehensive primary health care with a holistic approach (mind, body, soul) in the context of how and where you live. Dr. Zakhari, NP, can be your personal healthcare “consigliere.”

Book a complimentary consultation now to learn more about what becoming a Metro Medical Direct patient could look like for you.

Can I get house calls anywhere in New York City?
At this time, Dr. Zakhari offers in-person visits exclusively to homes, offices, and hotel rooms in Manhattan.
Do you accept insurance?
We offer 100% confidential, discreet primary health care services. For this reason, we do not accept insurance or bill any third parties. You may be able to use your HSA or FSA to cover care expenses, and depending on your insurance you may qualify for out-of-network benefits. For more information, please schedule a complimentary consultation.
Do you work with women as well?
At this time, we’re focused on providing top-tier men’s healthcare (ages 18 and up). While we don’t work with female patients directly, we’re happy to receive referrals from partners and parents for the men in their lives. If you’re researching primary care options on behalf of your spouse, partner, son, etc., please send them a link to book a complimentary consultation.
How is Metro Medical Direct able to provide personalized care?
So many of the issues and complexities in the modern healthcare system come down to numbers. For example, the average doctor’s office that takes insurance juggles approximately 3,500 patients. With numbers that high, it’s impossible to provide personalized, in-depth care. This is why so many men neglect their health until they’re in a state of crisis.

By contrast, at MDD, we strictly limit our patient roster to 60 patients. . When you become an MMD patient, you’re joining an exclusive and highly intimate men’s health club. Enrollment is limited to 5 men per month.

Rather than over-filling our patient roster, we focus on providing truly excellent care to just a few select patients at a time—so you can trust that YOU, as an individual, are always our top priority.

I have more questions. Who can I contact?

For questions or support, please reach out to us at or (917) 484-2709.