Men and Pee Pee Pants: How to Fix A Weak Pelvic Floor

What does a weak pelvic floor have to do with leakage? Do you wear white or khaki pants? Do you sometimes like to go commando? Are you like a lot of guys who have ever experienced a little leakage after you’ve finished peeing? This common condition is called Post Micturition Dribble, (PMD). It’s like your buddy down there can’t keep it together and sometimes lets a few drops slip out.

No matter how much you shake it…

A weak pelvic floor can happen for a variety of reasons from injury to an underlying disease. One problem that your doctor may never ask about is your frequency of masturbation.  I’m not saying that excessive masturbation is the cause of PMD, but just like any other repetitive motion, it could contribute to pesky pelvic floor muscle fatigue and strain. And let’s be real, who wants weak pelvic floor muscles? They’re responsible for keeping you dry, holding up your bladder, bowel, and other important organs. Without strong pelvic floor muscles, you could be dealing with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, leakage. Nobody wants that kind of embarrassment in the bedroom or during a business meeting.

Don’t Despair

Thankfully, there are ways to treat PMD and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Pelvic floor exercises, also known as Kegels, are easy to do at home and can make a huge difference. Here’s some helpful tips:

  • Just imagine squeezing your pelvic floor muscles like you’re holding in a fart or trying to stop urinating midstream
  • Hold that squeeze for 10 seconds, relax for another 10, and repeat 10 times
  • Do this three times a day and your pelvic floor muscles will be stronger than ever

Another thing to do after you pee is urethral milking. Now, don’t get grossed out, or excited, because that will make this exercise more difficult. It’s just gently squeezing your urethra (from base to tip) to get rid of any remaining urine. Think of it like ringing out a towel. Just apply gentle pressure for 10 seconds, release, and repeat two or three times. Voila! You’re all clear.

To keep your pelvic floor strong, avoid constipation, keep a healthy weight, and tighten those muscles whenever you’re getting up from a chair, coughing, or lifting. Consider these exercises your secret weapon for not peeing your pants. You got this, guys!

If you’re experiencing PMD, it’s important to be patient. It may take some time to see results from pelvic floor exercises or urethral milking. But with consistent effort, you can overcome this condition and regain control of your bladder.

How to Reduce Post Micturition Dribble

After urinating, wait a few seconds for the bladder to empty completely. Then, use the following technique to push out any remaining urine:

  • Place the fingertips of your left hand three finger-breadths behind the scrotum
  • Apply gentle pressure and draw your fingers forward, toward the base of the penis
  • This should push any remaining urine forward into the penile urethra, where you can shake or squeeze it out
  • Repeat this technique 3-5 times before leaving the toilet to ensure your urethra is completely empty

Pelvic Floor Exercises for Men

Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles can help improve bladder and bowel control. To do these exercises:

  • Sit comfortably or lie down with your thighs, buttocks, and abdomen muscles relaxed
  • Tighten the ring of muscle around your anus, without squeezing your butt, thighs, or stomach muscles
  • Imagine you’re trying to draw your penis inside your body while lifting your scrotum upward towards your belly button. If you feel a dip at the base of your penis and your scrotum rises, you’re doing it correctly

To improve the stamina of your pelvic floor muscles, gradually tighten and pull them in for as long as you can, with rests of 4 seconds between contractions. Work up to 10 slow contractions, holding for 10 seconds each. To improve the speed of your pelvic floor muscles, practice quick contractions by tightening and then holding them for a few seconds before relaxing. Aim to do a set of each exercise at least three times a day.

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