Man Therapy: Heal or Get Off The Couch!

 Dr. Raymond Zakhari, NP

The average male much less an alpha male is not going to eagerly lie on a stranger’s couch and discuss their feelings. Most men characterize health in terms of function and form.  If it works well and looks good they are fine. Manly Men similar to my seasoned citizens do not typically get help until facing functional failure or observing an oddity. The longer a man fails to recognize his failure the longer it will take to achieve success.  Help can be provided in the familiar format of a discreet medical house call.

There are options

However, the thought of spending months to years in therapy overthinking the minutia of life is NOT appropriate for most dysfunctions. Besides, who has the time and money for that?  I am sure you have or had good reasons for the maladaptive coping mechanism or three (addictions to drugs, addiction to alcohol, pornography, sex addiction, gambling addiction, your mother’s approval, etc.). However, while these solutions were working for you; you have managed to avoid confronting difficult problems in life.  The good news is you have survived thus far. The bad news is at some point you must pay the piper.   

Are You Missing Something?

Has something in your life changed, and are you less able to cope using your old ways? You’re afraid, don’t go out. To make matters worse you are withdrawn, and anxious, and no amount of self-medication helps.

Conventional talk therapy would have you on the shrink’s couch for months as the therapist gets to know you and builds a therapeutic alliance i.e.getting you to like them. Then they may attempt to rehash all of the painful details of your past while reinforcing your victim status. You may find yourself leaving one codependent  (drama-filled) relationship for another (with a therapist).  The relationship with the therapist may even be more expensive than your drug habit, your gambling debt, and or your sex addiction.

Man Therapy

A Man Therapy practitioner is like having a coach qualified to help you strategize across many aspects of your life, and comes to your home equipped with a large armamentarium.  In Man Therapy the goal is to cut to the chase as quickly as possible and to restore your functioning as a purposeful productive manly member of society. The aim is to identify the functional deficit(s) and to find a strategy to achieve the goal, and certainly NOT to have you as a weekly patient for months, much less for many years.  Sometimes you need to identify a goal. Man Therapy can help with that too.  During the process, you may feel something, not through your skin. Now deal with it accordingly. Man Therapy is like physical therapy for the mind. 

Do you want to be a victim of your feelings?

Are you man enough for Man Therapy at home?

  • Man Therapy is discrete and in the privacy of your home, office, hotel, cigar shop, walking and talking, via webcam, text message, or some other masculine mutually agreeable means
  • Man Therapy begins with an initial face-to-face encounter as a medical house call which includes a comprehensive physical exam (There may be something medically wrong with you, and I need to see what I am working with)
    • It may require certain diagnostic tests which also can be done in the comfort of your home or man cave
    • Man Therapy might be more efficient and effective with psychopharmacology (especially when needing to detox and withdraw from an addiction) in some cases (I am not a fan of long-term medication use, but I am a fan of using all tools at our disposal to accelerate the process).
    • It can be used for anyone who needs to man up to a pressing problem (with the utmost discretion in your home)
    • Man Therapy is most effective for financially secure men ages 25- 55 years of age

In the immortal words of Larry the Cable Guy: “Git er did!”

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Dr. Raymond Zakhari is a triple board certified (Adult- Adolescent, Family Practice, Psychiatric Mental Health) Nurse Practitioner (NP). He provides Concierge Medical House Call services in Manhattan and the outer boroughs.

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