How Psychotherapy Effectively Relieves Stress

Modern life can be stressful, and even more so in Manhattan. Financial obligations and balancing a demanding job with family responsibilities and commitments can take their toll and leave us little time to care for our well-being. That’s where psychotherapy can help. Also known as talk therapy, psychotherapy can be an effective way to deal with daily life and the stress and anxiety that often accompany it. If you are stressed and don’t know where to turn, a trusted psychotherapist can help you determine the best way to relieve stress and offer counsel to guide you to wellness. Here’s how.

What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy involves talking about your problems and working towards short- and long-term solutions to help you cope with feelings, situations, and symptoms that are affecting your ability to function stress-free. Psychotherapy is delivered by a mental health professional who is trained in psychology, psychiatry, or mental health counseling. The objective of psychotherapy is to help you develop strategies and techniques that can guide you through stressful situations in a manageable way and help you change behavior patterns that may contribute to the symptoms you may be experiencing.

Integrative Approach

It’s common for many to ask for medications when stressed out. That may be successful at relieving symptoms, but it doesn’t help resolve issues or scenarios that are causing the stress. Rather than relying on medications alone, psychotherapists recommend an integrated approach to your overall health and wellness that otherwise may be preventing you from living stress-free. Your psychotherapist likely will recommend you undergo a medical evaluation to determine whether your stress reaction might also be a sign of an underlying medical condition. For example, weight gain or exhaustion may be due to a thyroid issue; anxiety may be reduced with a different diet or better sleep patterns. Perhaps a detox is in order. A physical exam and assessment of a patient’s comprehensive history may be beneficial in addition to a psychiatric evaluation.


Mindfulness involves acceptance and bringing our attention to thoughts and feelings about what is happening in the present without making judgments. It can improve our mental health by helping us enjoy life more and by gaining a greater understanding of ourselves. It can also help to reduce negative thinking, which can cause anxiety and stress.

There are several methods for practicing mindfulness, including meditation exercises, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, and yoga. Learning to recognize your thoughts and feelings. Take stock of things and don’t relive the past. Stop worrying about the future. This can ground us and cause us to cope better with daily life.

Learning to Say Yes and No

Not all causes of stress are within our control but some are, and these are the ones we can try to change. Taking on too many responsibilities can be overwhelming and can create a burden of stress. Believe it or not, saying yes and no are learned behaviors. It takes practice to perfect the skill. A psychotherapist is an expert at helping you establish boundaries and work through situations that otherwise would cause you to stress out.

Re-examining Your Social Circle

Support from friends and family can help you get through tough times and reduce stress. Research has found that spending time with friends and family helps to release oxytocin, a natural stress reliever. A psychotherapist can help you determine your most valuable relationships while sharing strategies to eliminate the influences that might be putting you in a less-than-adequate state.

Discreet and Compassionate Psychotherapy Care in Manhattan

Your public persona doesn’t always mirror what is happening inside. If you are seeking a trusted partner to help you through the most stressful times, look no further than Metro Medical Direct, and the unique expertise of Dr. Raymond Zakhari. Dr. Zakhari’s a triple board-certified nurse practitioner. He treats a wide array of family health care and psychiatric-mental health issues.

At Metro Medical Direct, we provide discreet, convenient, compassionate, and comprehensive care. Whether in our office, via telehealth, or through home visits. If you would like to learn more, then you can request an appointment online, via text message, through our secure patient portal, or by calling Dr. Zakhari directly at (917) 484-2709.

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